Taking Daily Action: The Results

You've heard it said before, "if you want to be successful, you must take daily action." We know that if we move in the direction of our goals everyday, we bring ourselves one step closer to achieving what we want. Head knowledge is great information to have but let me provide you three examples of individuals who have taken daily action and how they have benefited immensely from this practice.

Jerry Seinfeld
According to Forbes Magazine, Jerry Seinfeld was the wealthiest celebrity in 1989 generating more than $267 million dollars in earnings. He also was awarded an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his comedic accomplishments during his professional career. Seinfeld was one of the most watched shows on television. This man has truly reached a level of success only enjoyed by few people. Before reaching that level of success, Jerry Seinfeld developed a habit that helped to chart his course. Lifehacker.com describes a meeting between Jerry Seinfeld and Brad Isaac. Brad asked Jerry what he must do to become a great comedian. Jerry explained that he had to write better jokes to become a better comedian. Jerry than began to detail how he would use a large wall calendar as a method to remain disciplined. Everyday that he would write jokes, he would put a big red X on the calendar. After several weeks of being consistent, he would develop a chain of red Xs. Once you have a chain going, the key was to not break the chain. Jerry made sure to emphasize to Brad that to make this method work, you must not break the chain.

Jack Canfield/Mark Victor Hansen
Who hasn't heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? With over 100 million copies in print in over 47 languages, the Chicken Soup series is one of the most popular book titles to date. Jack also appeared in the DVD version of The Secret detailing how success can be obtained via the Law of Attraction. Positive thoughts were not the only tools he used for success. I remember listening to an interview were he detailed his desire to sell 1 million copies of his books. At one point in time, both Jack and co-author, Mark Victor Hansen, were experiencing results just short of what they desired. They asked themselves how they could achieve the level of 1 million books sold. Not knowing the answer to this question, they went to the experts who have sold at least 1 million books in search of any obvious commonalities. After interviewing a countless number of successful authors, Jack and Mark uncovered the a major pattern. Most of the authors participated in daily interviews promoting their books. Once they found out that "secret," they decided to follow in the footsteps to take consistent daily action to reach the level of success they have today.

Steve Pavlina
Those of you who are not familiar with personal development blogs, the name Steve Pavlina may not ring a bell. A former game programmer, Steve began to detail his insights on personal development in 2004. Since then, his blog has become one of the most inspirational and popular on the internet. He even posted his financial success from his blog. He's making upwards of around $30,000 a month by sharing his valued insights on personal development. One of his most notable posts is 30 Days to Success. In this post Steve talks about how he uses a "do it every day" mentality for 30 days in order to instill a new habit or to achieve maximum results. He even provides details of several 30 day trials that he has completed in the past and the results.

So there you have it, concrete evidence of the benefits of daily and consistent action. You now have a choice to make. Are you going to commit to taking some type of action every day to reach your goal or are you going to give sporadic efforts in hopes of realizing the results you want? Take a quick moment and determine which action(s) would bring about the most powerful results for you and start your 30 day trail. Action speaks louder than words.

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