Five simple reasons why you should do it now!

Don't put off 'till tomorrow what you can do today. When faced with tough decisions, undesirable tasks, or other activities that we'd rather avoid, putting it off may seem like a viable option. The reality is that procrastination comes with it some pretty serious consequences. Here are just five reasons why you should do that thing you've been putting off.

1. You don't make it worse-Nine times out of ten, the longer you wait to do something, the more difficult the work becomes for you. Think about it, the longer you wait to finally clean out your email inbox, the more of the dreaded email you will have to contend with. Subsequently, you will have to invest more time (in doing what you don't want to do) just because you decided to put the assignment off. If you would have spent five minutes a day (doing it now), you wouldn't have to put hours into sorting, filing, and deleting your emails. You are only doing yourself a disservice if you continue to wait on that action that you've been putting off.

2. Peace of mind-If you know that there is something you should be doing, your mind will not rest until you have done it. You instantly develop a small still voice in the farthest reaches of your mind that serves as a reminder that you need to make that call, have that difficult conversation, clean out your clutter, etc. Even as you sit down to complete truly productive work, you will not be able to devote your full mind to the task at hand without having to deal with that voice.

3. You can move on-Putting something off is like constantly closing the window of your email pop-up reminder. As soon as you get ready to respond to your next email, that darn reminder is back up again. But once you have finally completed that nagging task of yours, you can move forward with your life. The activities you engage in will not be tainted with feelings of guilt. Your mind will allow fresh ideas to flow in that were once blocked off. If you do it now, you can finally move on.

4. You build momentum-Once you take immediate action on something, you instantly feel good about yourself. Remember how bad you felt when you knew that you were purposely putting something off. Taking the opposite action creates the opposite emotions. Even small acts, like putting something away as soon as you are done with it, gives you a sense of power and control of your actions. The more you do it now, the more momentum you create.

5. You develop a habit-Not only are you creating momentum every time you act, you also move into the realm of creating a habit. Instead of dreading the next action, you plunge into it. Taking on something right away has a new meaning for you. You are now a person who takes consistent action. There is no longer that hesitation that once was there. The difference between someone with a clean vehicle and someone with a messy one is the consistent action taken to keep clutter and dirt from building up. Start developing a habit by doing it now!