Taking the path of most resistence

The first thought that comes to our minds when we have to take a trip across town is how can we get there in the fastest way and with the least amount of traffic possible. The object of the trip is to avoid any and all hindrances that may delay our arrival. If we are able to successfully reach our destination ahead of schedule, then we had reached our goals and exceeded our expectations.

Taking the path of least resistance has become our default mode of operation. Its now all about getting to what we want with the least amount of exertion, money, or thought energies possible. No one thinks to themselves how they can accomplish what needs to be done by taking the most difficult route available.

There are very problems that come along with taking the path of least resistance, especially when we are talking about the area of manifesting your intentions and reaching your goals. Using the easiest and fastest route to complete a routine task is one thing, but taking shortcuts and using other time and energy savers may be doing you more harm than good. For me taking the path of least resistance is like purchasing the dollar store brand product instead of saving your money to buy the highest quality possible. Sure, at first you'll feel some sort of instant gratification from the money you saved up front, but you'll eventually rethink your decisions when you realize that you have to now spend even more money to get the results you wanted, in the first place, by purchasing the quality product.

When it comes to manifesting your intentions, you will have to look objectively at the many ways available of realizing your goals. Some of those options will seem easy, such as buying a diet pill to reach your weight loss goals. Other choices may not be as appealing like getting up at 5:00 am every day to incorporate physical exercise into your daily habits. There is very little resistance to purchasing a magic weight loss pill. The solution to your issue is fast and easy and your results are quickly realized. Daily exercise, however, seems to be the most difficult solution to your goals. You first have to train yourself to get up in the morning, then you actually have to put yourself through rigorous exercise on a daily basis. That path is probably very unappealing when compared to the first option. So most of us probably end up choosing the easier of the two to the detriment of our goals.

There are several reasons why you should chose the path of most resistance when you are accomplishing your goals. One reason is because you will have to use more of your personal power and energy. In the example of the diet pill, you were not the cause of the weight loss, the pill was. If you rely on some sort of external solution to reach your goals, you are essentially building your house with a deck of cards. The minute you stop taking the diet pills, your weight comes back with a vengeance and all of your precious achievements are gone. If short lived results are not what you are striving for, stay away from the easiest way to get it done.

When you opt for the path of least resistance, you are not giving yourself the opportunity to build the foundation for your new reality. Think about a developer who opts to take as many shortcuts as possible to build a new high rise. How sturdy would that structure be? If that builder decided to take shortcuts to beat project deadlines and make bonuses, chances are that the builder would end up loosing all of the benefits gained and then some if a structural issue arises and a lawsuit ensued. A strong foundation is essential whenever you undergo a take on new habits, goals, and intentions. Taking the path of most resistance means that you will allow for the time needed to create this foundation so that the entire frame can be fully supported and not easily moved.

So how do you know if you are taking the path of most resistance? You have to make that choice but you want to consider several factors. If you have a sense of fear or apprehension to one of your options, chances are that this choice is one of most resistance. For example, you want to develop the habit of becoming more social. You quickly go over your options in your mind and you have to chose between reading a book on becoming more social or setting a goal of starting one conversation with a stranger on a daily basis. The second choice may create a slight feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach which makes you go for a book instead. What you chose was the path of least resistance and because of that, you are actually delaying the realization of your intentions.

What I want you to consider now, as you set your goals, is the amount of fruit that can be reaped when you chose to do that which scares you. Instead of selling yourself short by choosing what you think is the easy way out, give yourself a real opportunity for lasting success and results by taking on the path of most resistance. Every time you chose the path of most resistance, you are raising the bar on who you are. The person who takes the diet pill does not have the same level of commitment to her goal as the person who commits to a new lifestyle of fitness and health. That person is one who is confidently able to say that he or she is prioritizing their morning to include what is most important to them, their health and vitality. The same thing goes for the individual who chooses to start a side business as a means of changing his or her financial status as opposed to taking the path of least resistance, buying lotto tickets every week.

Lasting results come from the path of most resistance. Character building happens when you take the path of most resistance. Take some time today to analyze the actions you have been taking to reach your goals. Have you chosen the path of least or most resistance? Consider your level of apprehension and compare that with the other option(s) you can take to reach your destination. Choose the path of most resistance and make that a part of your new lifestyle. Your results will be your reward.

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