Tapping into the power of your subconscious mind

There are plenty of books and materials out there about the power of our subconscious minds. Our subconscious is said to hold the key to our successes and failures. I've heard that our subconscious mind influences our behavior up to 95%. We are only action under the direction of our conscious mind only about 5% of our day. If we can find a way to make our subconscious mind to work for us, we can begin to experience breakthroughs in our personal development beyond our wildest dreams. Our subconscious mind is always operating in the backdrop directing our thoughts and actions in the way it wants us to go. Without the support of our subconscious, our efforts at creating lifelong change can seriously be hampered.

So how can we reach the deepest level of our subconscious? How can we speak to our inner most self and get it to work for on our behalf? I believe that our subconscious mind knows the truth of what we truly believe. How does it know? It uses both our thoughts and our actions to make its assessment. Thoughts alone are not powerful enough to make a complete change in our subconscious. You can think positive thoughts all day long but if your actions aren't aligned, your subconscious mind ignores your efforts and acts as if everything is business as usual. On the other other hand, if you take the right actions, while entertaining a slew of self-defeating thoughts, you are essentially telling your self that it should listen to what you are saying, not what you are doing.

Without securing the backing of your subconscious, you are basically setting yourself up for high likelihood of failure. Instead of putting yourself in a situation where you are competing against yourself, you should summon the aid of your subconscious mind to help you actualize your goals.

A perfect balance of words and deeds will result in your recipe for success. One does not have more power than the other, yet without its counterpart, each of these are completely impotent. If you set aside time for daily morning affirmations, and tell yourself everyday that you are creating a fit and healthy new you, your actions should correlate somewhat with your thoughts. If you behave in the same way you've always had, instead of saying "I am creating a healthier me," you are saying "I'm doing the same thing I've always done so I can experience the same result I've always had."

Not too long ago. I took part in an experiment to see how I could impact my subconscious mind, I required myself to chose a simple task that I would commit to doing every day. The simple task was of my choosing and would be one that did not produce noticeable results right away. Because the results were not immediate, my motivation would be driven primarily by my will and not from any perceived improvements. After several days, I began to notice something exciting. My simple consistent daily action created a desire within me to implement and become consistent with other beneficial habits. Because I was doing one good thing for myself everyday, I suddenly had the desire to take more wonderful actions. What changed?

Because I was taking a consistent action on a daily basis that improved my health, my subconscious mind took command and began the work of influencing my conscious mind to continue to desire what was good for me. My mind was open, my actions were in line, and my subconscious mind was steering me in the right direction. Never before had it been so easy to do what I had desired to do with regards to my actions. I didn't have to force myself to take those steps, making the decision came easy.
I was still using positive affirmations, but once my actions began to mirror my thoughts, my subconscious began to believe my mantra and worked to make creating new habits that much easier for me.

The moral of the story is that our subconscious has its own set of beliefs that come from our words, thoughts, and experiences. How you interpret circumstances in your life also greatly influences your subconscious mind. If you give a speech in front of others, and begin to trash talk your performance to yourself, you are telling your subconscious that you are a terrible speaker. From then on, your actions and thoughts around your ability to speak confidently in front of others will be driven by the self-defeating thoughts you once had. In order to avoid this from happening, you have got to look for and amplify any positive from every experience you have. Once you find the positive, focus on it and ask yourself to find past experiences when you did well. Your subconscious mind will work to find you what you need. I used this technique not too long ago while at a business conference. I was asked to give a presentation in front of over 100 people. Instead of trying to calm my nerves, I asked my mind to replay every time I've performed with confidence in front of others. I remained patient while my mind searched its data base. Soon image after image of me performing at my best began to emerge and my confidence level shot sky high.

Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful in determining both your actions and the success of those actions. Learn how to use it for good and not evil. Speak and focus on what is positive and take actions that demonstrate your belief in your thoughts. Your subconscious will have no choice but to believe you and act accordingly. Once you have enlisted the help of your subconscious to help you reach your goals, you'll find yourself getting what you want without even trying.


Isaac Yassar said...

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Mano said...


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Anonymous said...

fabricate a 3 dimensional white cube in your brain. (work hard at it the sub-con has no logic, no limits, order it to form the cube. keep at it and the sub-con will fabricate the cube). After the cube is easy to see in your sub-con, look at yourself in the mirror. transpose that image into the cube.
Order the person in the cube to restructure a simple algebra formula into multi-dimensional
vision. repeat the process and in a few months the sub-con will connect with the logic part of the conscience to work - visualize- perform unlimited visual ideas. When a child's conscience is not
formed, the child has no limits, full visualization, feels free of inhibitions.
When an adult dreams, some sequences have no logic. You dream you can float, run through
and over obstacles. But once awake, the conscience is back to its dim awareness limits

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