What is the fastest way to reach your goals?

We're heading into the second month of the year. Now is a good time to contemplate where you are with respects to your 2009 goals. Are you making a bee-line straight for your goals, or are you going in circles wondering when you are going to get there?

If you feel like you are not making as much traction as you would like, I want you to stop and ask yourself if you are taking the fastest and most direct route to your goals. If you decided today that you were to make a trip across town, one of your first thoughts would probably be focused on how you can take the quickest route there. If the reason for your trip were time bound, you definitely would seek to avoid any sightseeing or lallygagging at all costs.

When you think about a goal you want to reach, you should plan as if you were taking a trip going across town. You'd ask yourself, "what time do I want to get there?" "What's the fastest way to get there without running into any traffic or detours?" If you don't know where this place is, then you seek the counsel of a friend or family member who's familiar with the area. You may even research the driving directions online. Once you've decided where you want to go, you usually get there in the amount of time you've estimated with little or no obstacles.

I want you to think about the process of reaching your goals as a literal destination you want to get to. When do you want to get there? What is the absolute fastest way to get there? Do you want to take the quickest route?
Most often we know what the quickest route looks like but we somehow end up taking a detour a long the way. With a road trip, even if we run into detours, we work feverishly to make our way back to the main highway the minute the opportunity becomes available. Sometimes with our goals, we allow ourselves to travel at slower speeds through the back roads unsure of when we will get to our intended destination.

Decide today if you are traveling 75 miles an hour to your goals or going 40 and hoping you get there on time. Don't allow yourself, to waste gas and energy taking a road that leads to no where. You can make it back to the highway staight to your destination as long as you see the signs and chose to get back on track.

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