What will be your theme for 2009?

2009 is upon us an I am extremely excited about this time of year. To me the new year represents an opportunity to assess where we were, where we are, and where we're going. This time of year is ripe with potential because everyone is given a new chance to start over. By starting over, I mean that we can decide to create a different reality for ourselves starting right this moment.

Hopefully you already have a couple of intentions you would like to see materialize, but if you don't, now is the perfect moment to decide upon them. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by your goals, perhaps you want to try to follow one major theme for the year as opposed to 5-10 different goals. You might find yourself trying to remember what your goals were by April but if you chose one major theme for the year, that message will stay with you every day. Your mind will not likely let you forget your chosen theme for the year.

For me, the major theme I plan of focusing on is courage. I was somewhat inspired after watching this video. Living every moment with courage means that I will chose to do that which feels slightly uncomfortable to me until I no longer experience the discomfort in the circumstance. Courage can be as simple as calling up a friend I haven't spoken to in ages or it can mean confronting my manager about a decision that I do not agree with. As I continue to increase my level of courage, I will also focus on creating the courage to challenge myself to say yes when I would normally say no.

This year is laden with potential and our intentions should be to experience all the opportunity that lays within it. The reason I get so excited about the new year is partly because I can look back at some of my previous intentions and realize that I am now experiencing what I desired. This creates even more excitement within me to continue to dream bigger and bigger. Every start of the year I always say to myself that this year will be the best year ever, and it always turns out to be the best year ever. Is it because I went into the year with positive expectation? Absolutely!

Take some time today to create and focus on your major personal growth theme for 2009. For those of you who need a little inspiration to get you started, take a look at this video and allow your positive mind juices to start flowing.

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