Are you creating your reality or is your reality creating you?

Creating lasting change in your life requires an enormous amount of mental faculties. Yes, the direction and the pattern of your thinking is a huge indicator of what your reality will ultimately look like. I strongly believe that a new set of continuous thoughts equates to a creation of a new experience. I also believe, however, that one of the most direct ways to help impact your thoughts is to first change your environment.

Think of your surroundings as an anchor to your ship of life. As long as the anchor is firmly planted far beneath the ocean, your boat will never sail. The engines can roar but resistance will always be there. You are intending to change your current reality, what you must first do is determine whether or not you are saying "move forward" or "stay here." I believe one of the most evident ways to determine whether or not you believe in inevitable change is to assess your environment for signs of your move forward.

For instance, some examples of those who are not sold on the idea of moving forward include someone who still holds on to unnecessary mementos of a previous relationship. Or someone who refuses to give up the same types of foods that helped to create their current circumstance. Does your surroundings reflect that air of confidence that you've been attempting to create with your thoughts? If you wish to manifest wealth, are you preparing for the wealth by ridding yourself of useless clutter?

Clutter, I believe, is the biggest obstacle to your ability to create. Clutter takes the place and space of that you wish to manifest. As long as you continue to place items that represent the old you in your direct line of sight, you will find yourself struggling to create that image of the new you in your mind. Every time you gaze upon what you've created through your old habits, you are essentially engraving a deeper carving of the image into your mind.

When you rid your physical world of clutter, you are creating a space whereby you can begin to easily and openly imagine the possibilities. Heck, you can even go out and obtain a new object that represents your new reality and place it where the clutter once resided. Every glance at your physical representation of your possibilities will help you to create both images and feelings of experiencing your manifestation in full glory. You will also find that your creative senses will be heightened when you find yourself in a clutter-free environment.

Take a moment to clear away the items that block your ability to clearly see and experience the new you. If the thought of de-cluttering your entire house intimidates you, set aside a block of time to take on one area at a time. The change in emotions will be instant once you've done this. What you are doing essentially is sending a message to your subconscious that the old is gone away and you are in eager anticipation of the new.

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