Overcoming self-limiting behaviors

This past week or so has been, for me, and exercise in moving forward in my progress with the least amount of resistance possible. After doing some introspective thinking, I realized that my natural tendencies with regards to progression, even at the most basic levels, were slowed down by my own doing. After this realization became apparent, my only recourse was to quickly adapt my behaviors to shifting the beliefs which were the driving force of my behaviors.

I believed that overcoming struggle was a natural part of achieving goals. Once I figured out the craziness associated with this type of thinking, I immediately began to brainstorm some options to overcoming this growth inhibitor. My first response to this dilemma was to enlist the help of my mental capacities. I focused on shifting my thinking from "overcoming resistance" to allowing myself into believing that accomplishing simple objectives was just that.....simple.

My expectation changed to assuming that everything came to me easily with little effort. As soon as I started cultivating that new belief, my actions followed. I also made a conscious effort to recognize how easily most objectives were to reach. For instance, if I was avoiding making a phone call, I forced myself to just get to the final step which was picking up the phone and dialing the numbers. I'd worry about the conversation once I got there, not well in advance. The only step I needed to take was to pick up the phone and dial.....simple.

Nine times out of ten, the dreaded conversation turned out to be nothing more than a simple conversation. All the tension that I created on my own with my thoughts and actions (avoidance) was completely unnecessary and only worked to serve as a blockade to everything else I had going on at the time. The absolute worst part of creating bottlenecks in our lives is that we literally slow down the progress of all of our other endeavors. The mind will continue to create pop-up reminders that you haven't done said thing and completely disrupt, or at minimum, distract what you are doing at the moment.

So now my beliefs are shifting. I am at a point where I can honestly say that reaching a goal or intention in the fastest way possible is what I truly desire. I start off by accepting that accomplishing the task is a simple process and take the most logical action that actually aligns with my thoughts. If I believe it's easy, then I need to make it so. As I move forward with little resistance, I further reinforce my beliefs. As I reinforce my beliefs, it becomes my reality.

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