Looking for massive results? Create your "uncomfortable actions" list.

As of late, I've been racking by brain to see what I can do to move more quickly towards my goals. Some of these goals have been desires of mine for quite sometime now. Time after time I keep re-writing my intentions in hopes that my actions would create extrodinary results.

Today I was listening to a friend who just returned from a personal growth weekend seminar. As he shared his experience, one of the biggest lessons he learned from his coach during his session is to do what is uncomfortable because that is where the greatest amount of growth can happen. After hearing that comment, I mentally I go back to my list of actions that I commonly create whenever I contemplate "how" I will reach my goal. Nine times out of ten, this list of actions will likely consist of tasks that are pretty easy to do. Suddenly, the thought came to me "what if I were to create a list of actions that made me uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I would feel some hesition in even writing it. Those actions would likely be what stirred up the most fear and ultimately, they would also bring about my greatest amount of growth.

One reason why I'm motivated to move towards what's uncomfortableis is because I know that what is uncomfortable today will become the new normal tomorrow. I remember when I first started taking cold showers in the morning. The first minute or so under the frigid water is excrutiating. I have to jump up and down and scream affirmations to take my mind off the present experience. After a short while, my internal body temperature adjusted and the icy cold water starts to feel bearable. Soon afterwards the water actually starts to feel warm even though I haven't touched the temperature settings. Within minutes, the most uncomfortable experience imaginable becomes a pleasant ordeal. What's even better is that what was once a "normal" shower now seems too hot and uncomfortable.

So now my next move is to write a list of actions that I need to take to reach my goal. This time I will not notate the action unless I feel some form of aprehension. If it doesn't make me uncomfortable, even slightly, then perhaps I have to challenge myself to think about what else I can do that can take me outside my comfort levels. I also understand that just writing the list down isn't necessarily enough to cause massive action. That is why I have to use the same philospophy as when I take a cold shower. I just gotta jump in and before I know it, the experience will soon feel less uncomfortable. Another thing about cold shower therapy is that it takes place first thing in the morning. Which means there isn't any time to contemplate whether it should happen or not. Once it happens, I've pretty much set the course for the rest of my day. Having conquered a cold shower in the morning does a lot for the self esteem and confidence in what one is able to accomplish. Imagine having that same feeling after doing what you are most hesitant to do first. It'll make everything else you do seem like a breeze.

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