The One True Way to Impact your Subconscious Mind

For the longest time, I used to believe that in order to impact the subconscious mind, I had to things such as:

  • state affirmations on a regular basis
  • write down my goals and re-read them daily
  • listen to recorded messages as I sleep
While these actions has some impact on the subconscious, I've discovered that they aren't nearly as powerful as one specific behavior that, when repeated, can make a lasting impact on my subconscious mind once and for all. See before I learned about this, I started to believe that my subconscious mind could never be tamed. I felt as if I were engaged in a battle that I was destined to lose. My enemy was too great....

It wasn't until I stumbled upon some videos on Youtube from Dr. Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza that I came to to the understanding that only one thing truly impacts the subconscious mind.

That one thing, my friend, is action. More importantly, consistent action. Dr. Bruce Lipton described our subconscious mind as a "tape player." Those of us who remember tape players understand that unless a tape was inserted, the tape player was useless. If someone inserted a blank tape, nothing could be played. Without a pre-recorded message, the tape player was incapable of producing any output. Our current actions are nothing more than pre-recorded messages being played by our tape player. It keeps playing because it only knows one command --"play recorded messages." Bruce equated stating affirmations to telling a tape player to "play a different song." Simply telling a tape player to change the music isn't enough. If we want to hear a different record, we have to remove the tape, insert a new one and press play.

For the subconscious mind, a new action is the equivalent to inserting a new tape. Ah, but simply taking a new action once is simply not enough. I liken it to when we play an album for the first time. We're not familiar with any of the songs so it doesn't feel as natural to us as when we listen to our favorite record. Why? Because our favorite record has been played dozens of times before. We can sing along with every song without so much as a thought because the songs are inside of us. But in order to get to that point, that record must have played for us over and over again.

With that said, we must use our conscious mind to impact our subconscious. Our conscious mind is employed in our decision making and choice. If you want to create any new habit (a behavior that we repeat without putting in much thought) then we must use our conscious mind to do so. Making a choice once isn't enough, just like the new songs on an album, the action must repeat itself over and over again. This all means that whenever we say we want to create a new habit, we must first understand and accept that we have to chose to do this action day in and day out. Soon the action becomes embedded within us and we know longer have to use our conscious mind to complete the action. That is how we re-record over our old habits and behaviors. This is how we truly impact our subconscious mind.

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