Daily Actions are the Key to Reaching your Goals

I've got to be honest.  There are goals that have been on my list for (what seems like) forever.  It gets a little frustrating writing my goal list and having to repeat the ones that I once again failed to achieve.  Then there are the goals that I have seen come to fruition.  So I have to ask myself, what's the difference? What makes me achieve some goals but not others?

After taking a moment of reflection, I realized that that in the goals where I seen the greatest progress have clear identifiable daily actions linked to them.  I can see some action taken with the goals I keep re-writing but host often they are inconsistent and scattered.  There's no real plan of action.  Worst of all, there is nothing that I'm doing every day to achieve what I want.  

So now I'm taking a different approach to my intentions.  No longer will I write something down and secretly hope that things would magically fall into line.  The goal list was more of a wish list than a want list.  Going forward, I decided that I will no longer place intentions on the list unless I am willing to take the consistent actions that will get me there.  
  Consistency is so important to this equation for so many reasons.  Results happen with action.  Results disappear with inaction.  When your action slows or stops, the seedlings that were sprouting begin slowly die.  I've heard it said once that a seed is most fragile when it begins to sprout. That thought never left me until this day.  We want to ensure that we don't stop our actions when the sprouting first occurs.  Consistency is the method by which we will nurture our seedlings until they become strong oaks with roots so deep that the tree can weather almost any condition.  

I urge you to take on the practice of listing the consistent actions that must be taken whenever you identify any goal.   The more frequent the action, the better.  Then enjoy the benefits of seeing your goals take form right before your eyes.  

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