New Quest

So now I have a new series of thoughts going through my mind. These are conscious thoughts that flood my brain throughout the day with an intense urgency. As of late I am very consumed by the idea of creating ways to generate additional means of income. I am currently a professional working for a major corporation. I make enough to get by comforatably. But for some reason, I feel that I am not living up to my potential. Not only as far as earnings are concerned but also with regards to my talents.
There is a nagging voice in my mind that will no longer allow me to continue this path much longer. The voice tells me that I must prepare for the day when I finally will live as life was meant to be lived.
I'm speaking of the fact that during the day while working I will sometimes here that voice asking me to explain why I am doing the task at hand. My automatic response is because "its my job." Then my voice asks if you did not have this job, would you be doing these tasks or any thing similar? Are you doing these things because you are fulfilling your purpose?
So now I think....."what would I be doing if I didn't have this job?" "What could I be doing right now?"
I did not answer these questions right away but asking them did open my consciousness up to new possibilities.
I'm still asked the questions several times a day by my "voice" and slowly, but surely, I begin to respond with possibilities.

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