Will you be my affir-mate?

Affirmations are very powerful tools used help change our thought patterns and realities. The problem is that we are usually in the habit of practicing negative affirmations. "I dont want to be fat" or I don't want to fail this class" may sound like good intentions to have but they work to negatively impact your thoughts and results.
The truth is, whatever we say or think, is absorbed by our self conscious mind in a very literal sense. When it receives your intentions it does not reason. It acts as a tireless worker that does excatly what is told in such a literal way that it may sometimes bring about undesired results to the commands given.
Our subconscious works more effectively when we state things in a positve manner without destructive words such as want and don't. If you say you want something, chances are YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU WANT. Especially if the word don't is in the same sentence.
The way to truly direct subconsciuos to receive your desires is by stating what you do want! Do not allow the opportunity for your subconsciuos to find anything ambiguous in your statement to yourself. Instead of "I do not want to be fat", you should say that "the decisions I make about my eating and exercise habits cause me to be healthier every day." The second statement gives your subconsciuous something to work with. You are saying to it "I make healthy decisions." It responds to you by allowing you to make healthier choices and lose the weight.
So today I am asking you to be my affir-mate. I want you to state affirmations aloud or silently everyday, many times a day. Be deliberate in your actions. Be very careful about the words you use. Give you subconscious clear instructions on what to do without injecting words that cause confusion or doubt. You will be surprised on how much more you can accomplish by just saying the right words.

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