July 1rst 2007

O.k so now the year is half way over, or, the second half of the year has begun. Either way you look at it, today is just as important and January 1rst. The difference between the two is instead of making plans,promises, goals, you can now look back at the year until now and look ahead at what's to come.

So you haven't lost the 20 lbs your vowed on New Years or started working on that home business to amass your riches. No worries my friend. Now is the time to build up that momentum to finish the year strong. Only this time you will re-evaluate where the you need to do some tweaking to make it happen. The great thing about this mid-year evaluation is that you will avoid the usual end-of-year "where did the time go" question that we normally ask our selves in December. The time is now. Take full advantage. Finish strong.

Consider this a call to action for you to spend some time quitely reflecting on the other half of the year yet to happen and chock full of possibilities. While most people are blindly going on about their days, weeks, years, you are consciously looking inwards and outwards. Only good things will come out of this experience if you promise not to beat yourself up for the amount of progress made (or lack thereof). In December we will revisit this topic again and, I anticipate that this December will be different from the others. The time is now. Take full advantage. Finish strong.

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