...and Action!

Guess what I did today? I took action.
No, I didn't quit my job in hopes of making millions independently (yet). Nor did I do something so crazy that people will talk about it for weeks on end. What I did was simply take one of the many ideas that I've been harboring in my mind and bring it into the physical world. And what was this momentous idea? It's really not important...and besides, even if I did share, you would probably think something like "was that all"?
The moral of the story is that my concept could be the greatest idea ever! Or it could be just o.k. but I would not know unless I brought the idea to life. And to do that I needed take the steps to make it happen. It felt really good to physically touch my idea and look it straight in the eye. Not only that, I am sending a strong message to my subconscious that I am able to create physically from what I see mentally. And when I visualize more grandiose ideas, my mind will more readily accept them as a future reality.
And, to be completely honest, the action I took today was a relatively small act. But if we are faithful with the small things, then we will be faithful in the big things. When you bring what was once a thought into existence, incredible feelings of euphoria swirl around freely in your brain. Doesn't that just sound nice?
Bottom line is that once you realize that you can, then you will consistently have the attitude that you will.

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