Make your bed....then make your day!

So I was watching The Secret last night for the umpteenth time and just before I dozed off, I saw the scene in the movie where there are two scenarios of a woman waking up to start her day. In one scenario, she wakes up grudgingly, stubs her toe, runs out of toothpaste and proceeds to have a terrible day. The second option that she has is to wake up with a different attitude. She still runs out of toothpaste, but decides to brush her teeth anyway as if nothing has happened.
She then proceeds to have a fantastic day mainly because she had made the conscious decision to make it so.

Today I did just that, I awoke with very explicit intentions to enjoy every single second of today even if I found a stranger's hair in my lunch. And just as the woman in the movie experienced, I had one of the best days that I've had in a long time. Did anything special happen that would classify as extrodinary....not really.
But even as I write this post, I am still all gitty inside from waking up and FEELING GOOD (Feeling so good :).

So my decision is now to make sure that I consciously expect a great day now matter what happens. And as you are reading this post, I ask you to do the same. Try it, and give it all the effort it requires to convince yourself completely that today is the day where nothing will affect my emotional high. Laugh often that day...make others laugh. I tell you that nothing better than being able to commence your day with your very own supply of "I'm here, I'm happy, I'm blessed, let's make it happen!

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