Acheivement and the Law of Inertia

Remember learning about the Law of Inertia back in science class? Well if you don't remember, the law was created by Sir Isaac Newton. The law states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force (grc.nasa.gov). All natural laws are called laws because they hold true one hundred percent of the time. If we clearly understand this principle, we could use that knowledge to positively impact how we reach our goals.

Remaining the Same
The basic premise of the law says that we will keep whatever direction we are going in now if left undisturbed. The undesirable habits that we have and wish to abolish will continue to exist unless compelled to change by the action of an external(or internal)force. Once you fully understand this information, you realize that "wanting" your life to change is not enough. "Hoping" that you reach that goal is futile. "Wishing" that you can make a difference is worthless. These emotions are not powerful enough on their own to alter the straight line motion direction of your life.

Changing your direction
To change your behavior you must take action. Your action(s) work as the external force that can derail your current momentum. When you incorporate daily action to change the direction of your behavior, you will tend to keep moving in that direction. Have you ever worked on achieving a small goal? When your goal is accomplished, you want move on to the next goal to keep feeding the feelings of achievement. Whenever you decide on changing some aspect of your life, keep this law in your mind. Understand that only an external force will work to bring about change. Remember that once you start moving in the right direction you will want to continue building momentum. Use those principles to motivate your mind. Keep on keeping on.

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