Eat all you want

Today I visited with my brother and we chatted about the exciting things which are happening in our lives. In the middle of the conversation he began to describe the frustration he feels because of his self described "addiction to the next success high." When he first created his website, potential2success.com, the mere thought of creating a website was an intensely stimulating process that fed his need to stretch his potential. Once that goal was completed the next victory to obtain was having his site listed with the major search engines, MSN & Yahoo. Finally, the coveted "first page" Google listing was his to enjoy as a result of many weeks of hard work.

Now he's a little disillusioned and wondering what his next success will be. He's probably wondering if there is anything else for him to accomplish to keep the rush of excitement going. As he detailed his frustrations, I plainly explained an analogy to him that put his concerns in perspective. Since I was eating at the time, used food to describe his situation. "Life not like eating at a restaurant... at a restaurant you eat the meal you ordered and when you are finished with your food, then there is nothing left even if you still feel a little hungry." "You need to see life for what it is.....a buffet." "At a buffet there is plenty of food to choose from. The best part is, there is no limit to how much you can have." "So instead to worrying that you may not be satisfied with what you are eating now, focus on the unlimited amount of food that is waiting for you at the buffet table."

That is what life is all about...."eating" all of what life has to offer. Fill your plate, eat it all, and go back for seconds.

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