From today

I've just celebrated a birthday this week and I am excited about my life today and how it will be in the future. I often set aside a little time to create a mental picture of my life a year or two from now and how it will be different. As the vision materializes, the images are quite different from the life I am experiencing right now. When I bring my thoughts back to the physical world, I witness the stark contrast and wonder how my mental picture will come to pass.

The first thing I do is remind myself that my vision is possible. Anything I want can be achieved no matter how my circumstances look like right now. So then reality hits and I ask myself "OK, how is this going to come about?"
The answer to this thought provoking question is "from today."

Today is like a seed which will produce the the harvest of my future. I must live today like I will in the future. I must grab a hold of that message and take it very seriously if I have any real desire to affect my future circumstances. If I treat this day like it is something of little value, then I will receive no value from it. But if I understand the direct correlation between what occurs today and what will be tomorrow, then I have changed the course of my destiny.

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