Say it

A few months back I attended a Franklin Covey Time Management course held by our company trainer. The entire 8 hour class was full of great information but there was one exercise that had the most influence on the way I think.

The exercise was geared to help the particpant create long-term thinking. Each class member was asked to pair up with a partner and introduce themselves to the other person as if they met in the year 2000. For two minutes we spoke to each other describing the things that were going on in our lives years back as if it were currently happening. I did not particularly like this part of the excercise. On the one hand, I got a real understanding of how far I've come from talking about where I came. On the other hand, that experience brought back some old memories of a time where I struggled with who I was and where I was going.

In the second part of the exercise we were to introduce ourselves to our partners as if we met several years in the future. I decided that I would really describe my life in vivid detail of what I wanted my life to be, not what I thought my life would be. When I was my turn to speak, I spoke immediately of things that I had harbored secretly in my mind. The more details I gave, the more chills I got down my spine. It felt as if I was describing things that really happened in my life. It was incredible.

Our words have great power in them. When I speak with conviction about goals, that have not occured yet, I am saying that I believe in what I've spoken about and expect it happen. There is nothing wrong with having life goals and visualizing them to your self in your mind. But once your verbalize them, in present tense, you are adding another dimension to what you desire. Take time out today to speak the end result of your goals. When you do, belive that you are speaking the absolute truth. Do it frequently. By saying it, you will create that momentum that will propel you to your success.

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