Seeing is believing

I have a vision board that I use when I want to regain my focus on what I truly desire. A vision board is a collection of pictures or words of things that you wish to have that you put together on a posterboard . By looking at it daily, you enter mental images of everything you desire all at once. The more time you spend taking in the feelings that you receive from viewing your vision board, the more you allow the basic premise of the Law of Attraction to work.

The Law of Attraction says that you attract more of what you already have or what you now experience. You will have a hard time simply believing you'll have what you desire if the you focus on what you currently experience. I visited a local LOA meeting not too long ago. Everyone in the room introduced themselves and discussed any exciting LOA experiences he/she had. One gentleman there explained that he created a vision board at the last meeting to help him in visualising his goals. He announced happily that he attracted nearly everything that he put on the board.
Why was he able to have what he wanted simply by putting images on posterboard?

Images are very powerful. How many times have we seen a gruesome image on the screen and had the most difficult time removing it from our memory? It becomes nearly impossible to take something out of our minds once we put it in. By placing the image to a board and focusing on it day after day, the image becomes a fixation in the mind. You begin to think about it consciously and unconsciosly. From time to time the image even flashes before you without any effort. When you see anything resembling the image in real life you are drawn to it. It is drawn to you.

Your actions lead to you to obtaining those things day in and day out. The key factor is the feeling of excitement and joy that you experience when you view your board. The images almost seem real to you. They become so real that you can almost taste it. Sure, you can visualize something that you want without using cut out pictures, but without the images, daily life happens and you have to consciously take time out to remove your current thoughts and implant what you desire. With a vision board, the images are there for you to gaze upon whether or not you feel like it. In fact, you can use it to motivate you especially during those times when you do not feel like you a prospering in you goals.

Take time out today to collect images that you will use in your vizion board. Place it in an obvious location where you will be sure to see it every day. Spend time gazing at it and believing that what you see before you is truly possible. Seeing is believing.

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