"Success is failure with the dirt brushed off"

Mamie McCullough said those words. I believe those words should be shouted from the roof tops. Normally when we see someone who is a success, we only get to witness the polished version of that person's life. How often do we hear stories of successes who dropped out of school or who once was homeless? We love to learn about the lives people who overcame their obstacles and achieved their dreams.

The story behind their victory is what intrigues us. We ask ourselves, "would we have responded the same way if we were faced with those same obstacles they faced?" Could we have the steadfastness to hold on to a vision regardless of our circumstances? The people who we consider failures are still walking around with dirt on them. That individual was dealt one of life's difficulties and allowed the experience devastate him. That devastation is still evident to this day.

When we decide to "brush the dirt off" of ourselves, we are choosing to remove the evidence of the fall. We say "yeah I fell, but I got up again. Now that I'm up, I do not want my failure to be the focus of my attention." That powerful statement is the foundation of success for countless of people. So today, you have to look at yourself carefully to make sure that you are not walking around with a little dirt on your chin. The past defeats are a learning lesson but they should not be affecting the way you look today. Before you leave today check the mirror and make sure you are spotless.

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