The Warrior Within

Why is it that we have a hard time fulfulling our promises that we make to ourselves? When we say that we are going to do something, especially something that changes a habit, we make the same promises again and again. Is it because we had no intention on fulfulling the promise in the first place? Or maybe because we have no discipline to maintain drastic changes in our lives.

I was listening to an audio book called "Your Power to Create" by Carolyn Myss. In it she describes herself as having a ferocious discipline like a warrior. "I am exactly like a warrior" is how she refers to herself again and again. How many of us are able to say that about ourselves? I can honestly say that I have yet to develop the warrior-like discipline that I so admire. I watch movies like Hero and the Last Samuri in amazement when I see how concentration and dedication releases the amount of human potential we have.
How can we begin to develop dramatic lasting changes in our lives that we so desprately want?

Anticipate opposition
As soon as you are ready to introduce change into your life. Be alert for your subconscious to sprinkle little thoughts of doubt that will keep you from allowing that change. By consciously expecting it, you won't fall into the trap of entertaining these false negatives. Every second you allow the voices to deter, you risk defeat. If you are not aware of your enemy, you can not overcome him. When the thoughts do come into play, resolve to annihilate them in whatever way you can. If you don't, you will lose.

Train as a warrior
Think of training not as a rigourus activity that we are obligated to do, think of it as what you are doing right now. If you come home from work in the evenings and nestle in front of the television then you are creating a ritual. You then become a trained couch potato. If someone who is involved in another evening ritual, such as exercise or study, were asked to watch television every night, that person follow will the same path as anyone else who introduces a lifestyle change. He will ignore the voice denouncing the change, then begin to sit on the couch night after night, until the voice is no longer audible.

You are stimulating a change when you create goals for your life. Your subconscious hates change. Once you truly understand this you will see the situation clearly and pay no attention to its feable attempts to keep you stagnent. Holding on to useless habits is not acceptable. Though your opponent is not visible you must see him clearly. Study his tactics and understand his ways. Stand against him with the steadfastness of trained champion. Failing is not an option.

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