The right way to use the word Success

Do you want to become successful? This question is asked of us by gurus who want to teach us the secrets of success. When we normally vocalize our desires in life we usually use the phrase, "I would like to be successful." When we use that phrase, it is like we are eating a large slice of fudge cake, we get an instant feel good moment filled with empty calories and litte nutrition.

Perhaps the reason that we do not become successful even though we speak of success time and time again is because the word by itself holds little meaning. Maybe the word meant something to you when you first began to improve your life, but now success has lost its juice. The word itself does not get you excited about reaching your next level of greatness.

Try this simple exercise, set aside a few minutes where you can get to a comfortable and quiet location. Then begin to describe your success, without words. Use only clear concise images to in your mind to "describe" your success. Do not stop until your image becomes so real that you can taste it. It may take a few sittings so do not be discouraged if the images are not crystal clear the first time. You know you have done this exercise correctly when the images invoke feelings as if you are really living the way you visualize. Finally, when you have those clear images, describe them using words. Describe every thing you saw, felt, and experienced. This, my friend, is your definition of success.

Notice how the word "success" does little to describe what you experienced in your vision. There is no feeling or commitment behind that simple term. Going forward, you want to verbally describe your ideal circumstances in the most detail as possible. This will create incredible momentum that will propel you forward to where you would like to be. Here's to your success!

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