Understanding the act of Creation

Creation. The human act of creating. As we read these words we may be thinking of producing some type of tangible object. We all know those who are naturally creative. They are able to create magnificent specimens simply by putting their creative ideas into action and "viola!" If we are not one of those people we may find ourselves secretly wishing we could could make something appear from a creative mental thought.

Truth is, we are one of those people. All of us. Constantly creating. Creating does not necessarily require conscious effort. Every thing I do, every second of the day, creates a result. Am I experiencing a desired result? Perhaps. But if there exists any area where I am not happy with the result, I can simply produce a new creation.

How do you do that you ask? The first place you start is in your thought life. Thoughts are the beginning of everything that is. Everything we see, touch, experience in our lives is the result of thought. Secondly, we need to be conscious of our action or inaction.


So now, lets speak practically. I have a relatively cluttered office space which I know needs to be organized and decorated. As I look around at my space, I wonder how this disorganized office was created. When we first moved into our home, we had a empty room, ready to become whatever I wanted to create. With every moment that I spend in the office, I make critical decisions on what I am creating. Lately, because of my actions, I have created an undesirable work location. Did it happen because I consciously said to myself, "I will add more clutter to my office every day." Of course not. To be honest, my mind has been nudging me to take time out to remove the clutter. But remember that thought alone does not create. Creation is thought and action.

As I tune in to my thoughts about the uncomfortable feeling of working in a cluttered office, and I take action to remove the clutter, I commence the act of creation. Soon, I will have created a wonderful, inviting office area that inspires me to create even more. So there you have it. We all have the power to create. The act of creation can be a wonderful thing if we use it for good and not evil. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got an office to organize.

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