What am I attracting?

Like many of you I have to been affected by the awesome power of the Law of Attraction. I heard about the law before watching the secret, but that movie sealed the deal for me. So off I went, I started immediatly rattling off one affirmation after another. My excitement was off the charts, I called my friends and highly encouraged them to see the film.
So now its been a couple months. The initial effect after watching the movie has faded some. I have head knowledge of the law. But from looking closely into my life, what am I really attracting?

First of all, one of my verbal intentions is to attract money into my life easily and freely. Am I really do that? There are ample opportunities to attract money. This affirmation has worked to attract forgotten about rebates and other forms of payment aside from my bi-weekly salary. But it is what I actually do with the money that truly reveals my intentions. If my intentions were to truly be wealthy, shouldn't I be more adiment about building wealth with the money I do have instead of spending it little by little on unimportant things like hair products fast food lunches and other frivolities.
Another intention of mine is to attract fullfilling personal relationships with my friends and family. I even have a picture of a women laughing with her girlfriend at while having lunch at a Mediterranean outdoor cafe on my vizion board. If that was truly the case, shouldn't I return phone calls to my friends much quicker? Wouldn't I be actually inviting them out to lunch from time to time?
These are just some of the examples (and there are more) of opportunities that I have to create my life as I want.
I'm sure that you may have certain aspirations that may not be actuallizing as quickly as hoped. One thing that has helped me is to ask probing internal questions to see if I am holding on to some unconscious beliefs which are in direct opposition to my intentions. If I don't take this action, it is like doing a thourough cleaning of a room but neglecting to lift the rug which has tons of dirt under it. Is the house really clean or does it just appear to be?


Entry One

My first post. Very excited.
I hope to use this blog as a way to completely reveal myself........to myself.
I will be thirty this year and now would be an opportune time to encourage my introspection and extroversion. I was born in Haiti. I migrated to Florida when I was six years of age. I have a wonderful family that I am very close to. My mother is the somewhat typical Haitian mom who wants to overnurture her children. My father is extremely unique. I do not know anyone else like him......except myself. He owns a giftshop and comes in contact with many visitors to his store. He spends most of his day conversationg in any of the four languages he's fluent in with perfect strangers who vow to stop in and say hello on their next stop. My brother is nearly two years younger than I but it is like he and I share the same brain. We can easily finish each other's sentences and understand each other on a level unique to some brother sister relationships. I used to wish I had a sister, but after speaking to women about their sisterhood relationships, I often would be told how troublesome having a sister could be. I am grateful of my brother, he is a true friend.

So now I'm here starting this blog. It is a good time to start. I feel that this blog will help in many ways. I am growing. I am a believer in Christ. I am a lover of knowledge. I am much more reserved than I would like to be. I am constantly searching. I am always observing. I am beautiful. I am unique. I have so much more to do. I need so much more. Yet I have all I need.

This is something that I am doing for myself in my never-ending quest to unearth the hidden qualities that I know are somewhat dormant beneath. Don't get me wrong, I often reveal small glimpses of my true self to people only to quickly retreat to the old habits like a snail retreating to its shell when in harms way.
The only difference is I know that no harm can come to me.....so why do I retreat?
This blog is not the answer to my questions. But it will serve as a tool to help me build a great project. So with that said, I grab my tool and get to work.