Increase your reults 100% by answering these two questions

With every goal, or intention, you want to realize, there are certain reasons why they have not yet become a reality for you. One thing you can do to begin the process of re-designing an area of your life is to examine. This examination is so crucial that you must be certain to make it as effective as possible. I hope to make this examination possible and simple for you by providing you two questions which you must ask of yourself. These questions are not rhetorical in nature and require very specific responses from you. Your answers to these questions must be well thought out and complete. Your response are your key to reaching the next step in your quest for improvement.

The questions you will focus on are as follows:

Ask yourself:
What three, most effective, actions am I taking that are moving me quickly to my intention?

Your responses to this question must not incorporate every single action you take to bring you closer to your goal. Your responses to this question must only detail the most effective actions for your thus far. Effective means that you can clearly see the effects. Effective actions directly impact your results. Effective actions create your results. Find the effective actions and make them even more effective. Work on them diligently and closely monitor your results. Your results are your only source of truth.

Ask yourself:
What are three actions that I am taking which are hindering me from realizing my intention?

Most everyone has within them a side of them which works to hinder progress at all costs. For some this hindrance is more prominent than in others. The more powerful your hindrances, the less likely you are to achieve your desires. In your examination, look deeply into your actions to uncover and eliminate those actions. Your self-defeating actions work only to prolong your quest to reach your goals. If you were to successfully remove them, your progress would be ten-fold.

Use these two questions as your tools in achieving what you purpose. If you focus on taking the most effective actions, while working just as diligently to remove your most destructive behaviors, you leave nothing but powerful actions that directly influence your results. Include consistency into the formula and you will find that there is almost nothing that can stand in the way of manifesting your ideal outcome.

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