A simple technique on how to clearly visualize what you want

We all should know by now the importance to taking time out to clearly envision what you wish to experience. If you are like most people, you may have difficulty with this exercise because of the daunting task of quieting your mind. In the past, I would work unsuccessfully to create a clear image. The image would appear for a few seconds before my mind began to impose its own pictures in my head. A minute or two later, I realize that my train of thought had taken me somewhere that I did not want to go. Other times I have a hard time even formulating the image I want to create. I understood how clear the image had to be, otherwise, my mind would not accept the image as a potential reality and my actions would not change as a result.

Knowing how crucial effective visualization is to realizing my intentions, I decided to implement a very simple and very effective technique that enabled me to overcome my obstacles when visualizing. The first order of business when one visualizes is to find a time of day and a location where you are likely to be disturbed. Once you are there, find a comfortable sitting area. I do not recommend lying down unless you are absolutely certain that you are not in danger of falling asleep. Now you are ready to close your eyes, and begin visualizing. Once an image develops in your mind, no matter how clear it is, begin to describe it aloud. As you detail your image pretend as if you are explaining the image to a friend. Use vivid words. Describe the images and the experience. Do not forget to include your emotions and how you feel about what you are experiencing. If you do not experience any excitement when you visualize, you could be either visualizing something that you do not really want, or you are not using enough detail to describe your vision.

Practice this every day until you have no difficulty formulating your image. If you are effective in how you describe and see your intentions, you should have trouble discerning between reality and what you experience in your vision. It should feel like a dream you have that feels real until you wake up. Your mind will begin to believe the image as reality. Once your mind believes, your actions will follow. Having what you want will not longer seem like a distant fantasy but more like a reality that you are already accustomed to experiencing. The fear that once kept you from moving forward will lose its potency as you work towards realizing what you desire most.

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