Three ways to increase your self-confidence

Who would not want to have more self confidence? Those maintain a greater level of confidence seem to get more out of life than others. When our self confidence is low, we short-change ourselves from experiencing more of what life has to offer. Increasing your level of confidence may seem nearly impossible. The good news is that self confidence, like many other skills, can be learned. Use these three simple techniques to improve your self confidence starting today.

Think again
How you think about yourself determines what you think about yourself. We are constantly playing thoughts in our minds about our abilities, our looks, and our potential. Most of these thoughts are running on autopilot all day long without us even realizing. We simply accept them for what they are and never think to question their validity, or better yet, refute them as false. The biggest obstacle to a strong self confidence is the negative self talk that we allow to program our actions. You can not easily get those negative thoughts to stop playing in your mind; instead, you must consciously repeat phrases that build your self esteem. For instance, instead of saying, “I am never going to lose this weight,” you say to yourself “every time I chose healthy foods, I am creating a healthier, leaner body.” The latter statement will make you want to eat healthier foods so that you can create a leaner body. This statement also gives you power over your body unlike the first statement which takes away from you the ability to change your situation. Use this technique of implementing powerful thoughts over every area of your life that you would like to change.

Fear Not
The greatest hindrance to a strong sense of self is fear. Too often, we concern ourselves with how people perceive us. As a result, we begin to mold our action, or inaction, based on what we believe is expected of us by others. Fear based thinking causes you to second guess your thoughts and actions. A person who constantly second guesses herself will surely lack self confidence. The best way to overcome your feelings of insecurity around others is to spend some quality time finding your true self. What are your strengths? What makes you laugh? What are your ambitions? The answers to these types of questions help to refocus your attention on your greatest qualities. Spend time every morning focusing on your most admirable personality features. As you place your focus on your best attributes, your will begin to experience a wonder boost to your self esteem.

As If

Another very effective method of improving your confidence is act as if you have all of the self confidence you need. People who appear to be self confident usually share similar physical characteristics. They stand straight and walk tall. They maintain solid eye contact and have a strong voice. They also smile confidently and speak slowly enough to draw others in with their words. We associate these actions with confidence. So if we were to implement these same techniques, we would automatically be viewed as someone who is confident in themselves. The best part about using these techniques is that we benefit by developing a sense of confidence just by acting as if our confidence already exists. It may feel awkward at first, but remember that people can not read your thoughts. They have no way of knowing if your confident actions are natural or learned. Best of all, the more you do it, the more natural it will feel to you. So begin your implementing newfound self confidence moves today.

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