Increasing your level of focus. Part 1

The most overwhelming obstacle, I believe, to realizing our intentions lies in the lack of focus we are able to dedicate to our goals, circumstances, and desires. Everyday we are demanded to react to an innumerable amount of activities and distractions. Worst yet, we have within us an admirable opponent working diligently to keep us in a constant state of confusion and disarray. Each one of us can easily vocalize our strongest desires. Along with that, we also are equally able to list reasons of why our ability to realize these desires is out of our reach.

The reasons why we consistently fall short of realizing our intentions lay heavily on the amount of focus we are able to dedicate to obtaining what we want. Mental focus will enable you to dedicate 100% of your attention to your goal. The level of focus you are able dedicate to every task you undertake will dictate your level of influence over the outcome of your actions. An increased level of focus will allow you to complete simple tasks, such as reading a book, without the burden of having to tame constant distracting thoughts. Your ability to direct your complete focus and attention to the subject at hand is the key to your success. Those who have achieved what they desired in life had the ability to produce consistent action with the same level of mental focus in the early on in their venture as they had later.

Step 1
The first step necessary in increasing your mental focus is to first assess your current state. You begin to assess your current state by becoming more aware of the chaotic nature of your mind. The frequency and randomness of your thoughts should be observed very closely. Random thoughts are what take you from one area of focus to another. How many times have you interrupted a thought by asking yourself “how did I get there?” You then begin to recall every random thought that entered your mind until you realize how that final notion formulated within your mind. Incidences such as these demonstrate the power of our mind. Much more so, they demonstrate our need to manage our mental activity. Our minds operate much like a wild animal that must be tamed, domesticated, and used for productive purposes. If we invest the energy needed to increase our level of focus, we will surely be rewarded with a strong powerful clear mind that can be directed to fully accomplish what we set it to accomplish.

Your task is simply to listen for your thoughts, take notice of how random the are. Take note of how they seek to distract you from the task at hand. The more you are able to observe your thoughts, the more you will realize how they work against you. This is all you need to do for now. This action will open your consciousness to the importance being aware of your mind’s activities. Once you are aware of the behaviors of your mind, you have begun the process of increasing your level of focus.

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