A simple technique on how to clearly visualize what you want

We all should know by now the importance to taking time out to clearly envision what you wish to experience. If you are like most people, you may have difficulty with this exercise because of the daunting task of quieting your mind. In the past, I would work unsuccessfully to create a clear image. The image would appear for a few seconds before my mind began to impose its own pictures in my head. A minute or two later, I realize that my train of thought had taken me somewhere that I did not want to go. Other times I have a hard time even formulating the image I want to create. I understood how clear the image had to be, otherwise, my mind would not accept the image as a potential reality and my actions would not change as a result.

Knowing how crucial effective visualization is to realizing my intentions, I decided to implement a very simple and very effective technique that enabled me to overcome my obstacles when visualizing. The first order of business when one visualizes is to find a time of day and a location where you are likely to be disturbed. Once you are there, find a comfortable sitting area. I do not recommend lying down unless you are absolutely certain that you are not in danger of falling asleep. Now you are ready to close your eyes, and begin visualizing. Once an image develops in your mind, no matter how clear it is, begin to describe it aloud. As you detail your image pretend as if you are explaining the image to a friend. Use vivid words. Describe the images and the experience. Do not forget to include your emotions and how you feel about what you are experiencing. If you do not experience any excitement when you visualize, you could be either visualizing something that you do not really want, or you are not using enough detail to describe your vision.

Practice this every day until you have no difficulty formulating your image. If you are effective in how you describe and see your intentions, you should have trouble discerning between reality and what you experience in your vision. It should feel like a dream you have that feels real until you wake up. Your mind will begin to believe the image as reality. Once your mind believes, your actions will follow. Having what you want will not longer seem like a distant fantasy but more like a reality that you are already accustomed to experiencing. The fear that once kept you from moving forward will lose its potency as you work towards realizing what you desire most.

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Increase your reults 100% by answering these two questions

With every goal, or intention, you want to realize, there are certain reasons why they have not yet become a reality for you. One thing you can do to begin the process of re-designing an area of your life is to examine. This examination is so crucial that you must be certain to make it as effective as possible. I hope to make this examination possible and simple for you by providing you two questions which you must ask of yourself. These questions are not rhetorical in nature and require very specific responses from you. Your answers to these questions must be well thought out and complete. Your response are your key to reaching the next step in your quest for improvement.

The questions you will focus on are as follows:

Ask yourself:
What three, most effective, actions am I taking that are moving me quickly to my intention?

Your responses to this question must not incorporate every single action you take to bring you closer to your goal. Your responses to this question must only detail the most effective actions for your thus far. Effective means that you can clearly see the effects. Effective actions directly impact your results. Effective actions create your results. Find the effective actions and make them even more effective. Work on them diligently and closely monitor your results. Your results are your only source of truth.

Ask yourself:
What are three actions that I am taking which are hindering me from realizing my intention?

Most everyone has within them a side of them which works to hinder progress at all costs. For some this hindrance is more prominent than in others. The more powerful your hindrances, the less likely you are to achieve your desires. In your examination, look deeply into your actions to uncover and eliminate those actions. Your self-defeating actions work only to prolong your quest to reach your goals. If you were to successfully remove them, your progress would be ten-fold.

Use these two questions as your tools in achieving what you purpose. If you focus on taking the most effective actions, while working just as diligently to remove your most destructive behaviors, you leave nothing but powerful actions that directly influence your results. Include consistency into the formula and you will find that there is almost nothing that can stand in the way of manifesting your ideal outcome.

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Five actions you can take to gain the respect of others

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like no one noticed you? In conversations with others, do you feel like your voice gets lost in a crowd of people?
One thing I can not stand is feeling like I am invisible to someone. Even worse, is being acknowledged as someone who is not deserving of respect. If your goal is to increase the level of respect others have for you, clear specific actions must be taken. Here are some examples of steps you can take, right away, to gain the respect your deserve.

Be a presence
As soon as someone walks into a room, you can easily assess their level of presence. If an individual creates a strong presence from the moment they enter an environment, we immediately react subconsciously to the non-verbal message the person is sending. People naturally react messages they receive from others. A great example of this is a child who trips, falls, and looks around the room for the reaction of mommy and daddy. If the parents over react to the fall, the child responds accordingly by affirming her parent's concerns about the mishap. If, on the other hand, the parents calmly tell the child that she will be just fine because the fall was not a catastrophic event, the child is much more calm. I've even seen children laugh when they stumbled because of the amused reaction of onlookers. In the same way, other people are looking for our signals to dictate how they will react to us. If we display body language that says "I am unsure of myself", then people will immediately pick up on the signals and respond accordingly. On the other hand, if your body language says, "I am important and I know what I want," you will automatically create a diffrent perception of yourself right away.

Use your voice

Your voice is a powerful tool in helping you to gain the respect of those around you. When you communicate, you should be mindful to use these techniques that automatically impact how others perceive you:

*Control your speed-When you speak at a rapid pace, you are saying to others, "what I am saying is not important enough for me to clearly enunciate each word." If you speak too quickly, people will try to pick up on every word, become frustrated, and settle with trying to comprehend the gist of what you are trying to say. That is not what you want to happen. Instead, slow down slightly when you speak. When you do, you are requiring others to listen intently for the next word that comes out of your mouth.

*Project your voice-Even worse then speaking too quickly is speaking in such a low voice that others are constantly asking you to repeat yourself. You do not want to be that person. You want to be the person who says something once and is understood completely. You want your voice to carry your message to every person in the room. This may take some practice so you can naturally project your voice without sounding like you are yelling at the top of your lungs. The key to projecting without yelling is to take in large breaths before speaking and using the released air to help you carry your message.

*Speak up-Imagine a room full of people in active conversation discussing a topic of interest. Everyone chimes in with their point of view, popular or unpopular. Then there is you, standing there nodding and smiling but never saying a word. When the conversation is over, no one even remembers you being there. This is precisely the reason that you must involve your opinion in conversations whenever possible. Be mindful of the level of openness involved in the discussion. You do no want to simply barge into a private conversation, but you most certainly do not want to leave an open discussion session without contributing something to it. If you are not accustomed to speaking in a large group of people, you can start small by asking a question or agreeing with a statement someone else made. Either way, just say something. By doing so, you are saying to everyone else that you have just as much right to be a part of the conversation as everyone else.

Primp up
There's nothing like the feeling you get when you put on a brand new outfit. It is almost like the clothes came with an instant confidence booster. You also know how much of a drag it is to put on clothes that have seen better days. Being a sharp dresser does not necessarily mean that you have to break your bank. Instead make sure the clothes you are wearing have no holes or tears, are neatly pressed, fit your body, and match accordingly. Start with some basic pieces and accessorize as needed. Depending on your budget, include some high quality items into your wardrobe. You absolutely deserve to feel good about your external appearance every single day. It will not be long before you start receiving comments like "how are you able to dress so nice every day?" Remeber that every aspect of yourself is being visually assessed by those you come in contact with good or bad. Make the extra effort to improve your external presentation even if it is only a small step to where you want to be.


You can not make a more lasting impression on a person than when you are knowledgeable about a subject. Any action that you take to prepare for any situation or conversation will not go unnoticed. When you prepare for conversations, meetings, or any other interaction with others, you are telling the person, you felt the meeting was important enough to invest a bit of time in preparation. Soon you will be viewed as the person who "knows his stuff" and you will reap the benefits of having established a solid reputation of being the person who is always on top of things.

Affirm yourself

You should always include positive affirmations about your unique strengths as part of your morning preparation. Tell yourself confidently that you are a person of presence. Remind your subconscious that you always receive the respect of others through your actions. Replay in your mind the message that you are deserving of respect from everyone that you communicate with. Do this exercise everyday until it becomes a part of your daily habits. These affirmations will also cause you to look introspectively at the level of respect you have for yourself. If you respect yourself first, you begin to automatically dictate how much respect you will receive from others.

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Lose your weight naturally

Many of us wish to improve on our health and lose extra weight. But we are often discouraged by the thought of giving up our favorite foods and having to spend countless hours in the gym to lose the weight. The truth is that we can make simple changes to our lifestyle and still lose extra pounds naturally. Here are some great tips that you can use to improve your health starting today.

Drink more water
We often consume a large amount of our daily calories from our sugary drinks. In fact, a study conducted by University of Texas Health Science Center found a 41% increase in risk of obesity for every can of diet soda that we drink every day. If you begin the simple habit of increasing your water intake, you can start reaping the benefits immediately. Drinking more water can help you increase your metabolism and cut your daily caloric intake. A glass of water before your meals will even help you feel full so you eat less at every meal. The most important reason to drink more water is because your body needs enough of it to fully function properly.

Snack often
One reason why we eat so much food at lunch and dinner time is because we are not eating satisfying snacks between meals. If you make the effort to have healthy snacks available, you will be less likely to reach for high calorie snacks throughout the day. Another reason to snack often is because you will have less of an appetite when you eat your meals. You should make every effort to snack on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, unsalted nuts. Make every effort to bring healthy snacks with you to work, and readily available around the house. The key is to have them handy so you are not tempted to run to the snack machine when a craving comes on.

Exercise regularly
Losing weight means consuming fewer calories by improving your eating habits and burning fat through exercise. If traditional workouts to not motivate you to move, you can participate in other activities that will help you burn calories. You can incorporate everyday activities to keep active such as gardening, playing outside with your children, or daily brisk walking in your neighborhood. The key is to find rigorous activities that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to do it consistently. Consistency is crucial when losing weight. You goal should be to incorporate more movement into your daily life in a way that is enjoyable for you. If you incorporate consistent physical activity in your life that you truly enjoy, your weight loss will come naturally.

Think differently
If you say that you want to lose weight, what you are really saying is that you want to be healthier. Becoming healthier begins in the mind. If you say to yourself, “I am transforming myself into a healthier person each and every day with my choices,” you are telling your subconscious mind that you are a person that chooses healthier foods and takes direct action to improve on your health. Thinking in a different way is the most natural way to lose weight. Thoughts control who we are and what we do. If we consistently think about how much we love our bodies, we will begin to make the choices that reflect those thoughts. Those choices will create a new reality for us. We will no longer be the person who enjoys eating foods that rob our bodies of nutrition; we will become the person who desires to nourish ourselves with our food choices. Once our desires change, losing weight will not feel like an uphill battle but a wonderful journey.

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Three ways to increase your self-confidence

Who would not want to have more self confidence? Those maintain a greater level of confidence seem to get more out of life than others. When our self confidence is low, we short-change ourselves from experiencing more of what life has to offer. Increasing your level of confidence may seem nearly impossible. The good news is that self confidence, like many other skills, can be learned. Use these three simple techniques to improve your self confidence starting today.

Think again
How you think about yourself determines what you think about yourself. We are constantly playing thoughts in our minds about our abilities, our looks, and our potential. Most of these thoughts are running on autopilot all day long without us even realizing. We simply accept them for what they are and never think to question their validity, or better yet, refute them as false. The biggest obstacle to a strong self confidence is the negative self talk that we allow to program our actions. You can not easily get those negative thoughts to stop playing in your mind; instead, you must consciously repeat phrases that build your self esteem. For instance, instead of saying, “I am never going to lose this weight,” you say to yourself “every time I chose healthy foods, I am creating a healthier, leaner body.” The latter statement will make you want to eat healthier foods so that you can create a leaner body. This statement also gives you power over your body unlike the first statement which takes away from you the ability to change your situation. Use this technique of implementing powerful thoughts over every area of your life that you would like to change.

Fear Not
The greatest hindrance to a strong sense of self is fear. Too often, we concern ourselves with how people perceive us. As a result, we begin to mold our action, or inaction, based on what we believe is expected of us by others. Fear based thinking causes you to second guess your thoughts and actions. A person who constantly second guesses herself will surely lack self confidence. The best way to overcome your feelings of insecurity around others is to spend some quality time finding your true self. What are your strengths? What makes you laugh? What are your ambitions? The answers to these types of questions help to refocus your attention on your greatest qualities. Spend time every morning focusing on your most admirable personality features. As you place your focus on your best attributes, your will begin to experience a wonder boost to your self esteem.

As If

Another very effective method of improving your confidence is act as if you have all of the self confidence you need. People who appear to be self confident usually share similar physical characteristics. They stand straight and walk tall. They maintain solid eye contact and have a strong voice. They also smile confidently and speak slowly enough to draw others in with their words. We associate these actions with confidence. So if we were to implement these same techniques, we would automatically be viewed as someone who is confident in themselves. The best part about using these techniques is that we benefit by developing a sense of confidence just by acting as if our confidence already exists. It may feel awkward at first, but remember that people can not read your thoughts. They have no way of knowing if your confident actions are natural or learned. Best of all, the more you do it, the more natural it will feel to you. So begin your implementing newfound self confidence moves today.

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