Increasing your level of focus Part 3-Make up your Mind

So now that you have consciously observed the activities of your mind and distanced yourself from the need to be consumed by your thoughts, you should be ready for the next step in developing focus. You now must take on the task of putting your mind's energies into specific actions which will require and intense level of focus. If you complete the activities without first learning to control the random thoughts you experience throughout the day, you will only become frustrated. By completing the actions suggested in part 1 and 2 of this series, you removed the clutter that fills the mind. Once you have successfully cleaned out the clutter, your next step will be to instill within your mind the instructions that direct your mind to think on a level of focus and intensity.

One activity which you should implement in your focus increasing diet is meditation. I suggest that you set aside time in your day to sit by yourself with a quiet mind. Think of this action as exercise for the mind. Exercise for the body involves putting it in motion. Exercise for the mind involves keeping it still. Do not try to solve a problem during mediation, do not try to plan the future during that time. Your "quite mind" time should be dedicated to just being still and focusing intently on your breathing. At first you will listen for your breath, then you will listen to your breath, then you will seek to feel your breath as it travels throughout your body and out of you. The reason why listening to your breath will increase your focus is because you breathe constantly without your conscious mind realizing it. Just the act of monitoring your breath requires you to turn your mind's direction to something that is simple and routine. The longer you are able to maintain your focus on your breath, the longer you will be able to maintain your focus on any action at hand. Please be aware that you will need to make this action a daily routine if you wish to receive any long term results. The more you complete this action the easier it will become for you.

Once, and only after, you have developed the discipline of quieting the mind through consistent meditation, you will then be ready to begin incorporating visualization into your quiet time. The reason why you should not begin visualizing before you can control attention on your breathing is to avoid the daunting task of holding unto an image with a mind not used to maintaining focus for more than a few moments.

The actions mentioned above are tools which will prepare you to become a person of focus. Your mind will no longer waiver back and forth with aimlessly causing chaos and uncertainty. Your mind will now become a sharp tool that can be used effectively to do what you purpose.

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