Crystal Clear Clarity

Are you able to clearly describe exactly what it is you wish to experience in life? Better yet, can someone close to you describe exactly what it is you want to me if I were to ask them? If you are not able to describe exactly what you desire in life, you are creating a barrier to actually receiving what you want. Think about what would happen if you visited a high end restaurant and made an order of "something really good to eat." You might get back something to eat, but would it be good to you? Would the meal be what you had in mind? Would you eat it even if you did not love it simply because it was what the waiter gave you?

For the longest time I had the severe difficulties clearly defining and voicing my intentions. I believe a combination of fear and disbelief was the culprit. If I was to make known what I desired, it would mean that:

1. I would actually have to know what I wanted.
2. I would need to acticulate those intentions in a way that adequately described what was in my head.
3. I may actually be held accountable for the words I spoke about my intentions.

So while I was allowing those excuses to hold me back to proclaiming exactly what it is I wanted, I continued to recieve a generic version of what I wanted my life to be.
It was as if the chef had brought out "chicken" but not prepared the way I wanted to experience it. The worst part about not expressing my intentions specifically, was that I could not say to myself, "I did not want breaded chicken, I wanted baked chicken."
There are several methods you can use to develop that clear picture. You can implement the help of a vision board to make those mental images come alive. You can also journal your thoughts on paper. Best of all, you can vocalize exactly what you wish to experience. Children often do this when they vividly describe the way they want their life to be when they grow up.
I believe that we are extremely unproductive when we do not have a clear picture of what we desire and the reasons why. In the case of romantic relationships, this idea is extremely important. Alot of time is wasted on one unproductive relationship after another when we remain with an individual who does not have our similar values.
We may find it challenging to explicitly express our desires if we have never done so before. If you are having difficulty describing what you want, you may start with what you do not want. Once you have detailed what you wish to avoid, immediately convert those images to what you wish to experience. If you remain on "what you do not want" for too long, then your focus is on the negative. Our focus creates our reality so we must be sure to focus on the right things. As soon as your are able to articulate your desires, you will be able to notice the incongruencies between what it is you want and what it is you are currently experiencing. Once that happens, you can make critical decisions on what actions steps you need to make to experience those things you desire in your life.

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