...and Action!

Guess what I did today? I took action.
No, I didn't quit my job in hopes of making millions independently (yet). Nor did I do something so crazy that people will talk about it for weeks on end. What I did was simply take one of the many ideas that I've been harboring in my mind and bring it into the physical world. And what was this momentous idea? It's really not important...and besides, even if I did share, you would probably think something like "was that all"?
The moral of the story is that my concept could be the greatest idea ever! Or it could be just o.k. but I would not know unless I brought the idea to life. And to do that I needed take the steps to make it happen. It felt really good to physically touch my idea and look it straight in the eye. Not only that, I am sending a strong message to my subconscious that I am able to create physically from what I see mentally. And when I visualize more grandiose ideas, my mind will more readily accept them as a future reality.
And, to be completely honest, the action I took today was a relatively small act. But if we are faithful with the small things, then we will be faithful in the big things. When you bring what was once a thought into existence, incredible feelings of euphoria swirl around freely in your brain. Doesn't that just sound nice?
Bottom line is that once you realize that you can, then you will consistently have the attitude that you will.


In the beginning

I think the hardest part of starting a new habit, or ending a bad one, is when we get beyond the initial phase of making the decision. How bad do you truly want to have that goal? Are you willing to wake up at 5:00 a.m. or run five miles a day, or give up that unhealthy relationship?

Realistically, as soon as you decide to make that life altering change, you have to simultaneously understand everything that will come along with it. Say to yourself, "I am going to lose weight....in order to lose the weight I know that I have to substitute unhealthy snacks for fruits and vegetables. I also know that I will have to wake up, even though I do not feel like it, and exercise to increase my metabolism." Make a full assessment of what it will take to realize those intentions of yours. Carefully go over all of the details in your mind like you would if you were reading the fine print of a contract.

So now the new habit begins. Treat this process in the same way as one who were to plant a new garden. The soil must be prepared, the seeds planted, the seedlings watered and cared for. The entire process is cumbersome and tedious. But shortly after, tiny little seedlings begin to sprout as a reward for your efforts. But remember, the seedlings are still in a fragile condition. If you neglect to continue with your daily routine of nurturing, the seedlings will die. On the contrary, you must be even more vigilant to protect your little blessings from external forces which will hinder your hard earned efforts.

If you remain faithful in your actions, even if you realize minor setbacks, then you will have created a steady habit. That habit will become like a thriving plant which requires only periodic trimmings to maintain its fullness and health. But for this to happen successfully, you will have to plan carefully and remain steadfast until you are certain that the roots of your habits are deeply grounded. Only then will you be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Rich me Poor me

This past Monday a classmate of mine gave me an audio copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad. For those of you not familiar with the book, it is a book about a man who chronicles the money lessons he learned from his poor dad and what he was taught by his rich dad.
As I listened to advice of his poor dad, I cringed. Not because I strongly disagreed with what he was saying, but because I thought and lived the same way until very recently.
As a child, all I knew was that I was excel in school so that that I would be able to earn a respectable paycheck, earn vacation time, buy a decent home, and retire at 65. Looking back, I do not remember being exposed to any other alternative options in the mainstream arena. Option A is to graduate and land a "good job" option B was to drop out of school and become homeless. My dad, who owns a gift shop, would always tell me that I should not work for anyone else but he also did not encuorage me to open up a store like he did. He knew deep down inside that his small business was another version of a job and was subject to some of the same shortfalls as working for someone else (except with less vacation time).
So then I asked myself, how in the world am I going to be able to live the life that I should be living, without working long days to earn a decent income? Asking that question was the best thing I ever did.
Do I have the answer to the question? Partially. I am learning as I go along but the important thing is that my mind is open to the concept. I no longer fear the day when my company advises me that my position is no longer needed. Do I have the money to support myself financially if it were to happen today? Not at all. But what I do have is rich people mentality. It doesn't mean that I can snap my fingers and have money appear on my lap but it does mean that I am learning the fundamental principles of money that were never taught to me before. With that said, I intend to get dressed this morning go to work and do my job. But I go with a sense of security, not because I just because I have a job but because I have the power.


Make your bed....then make your day!

So I was watching The Secret last night for the umpteenth time and just before I dozed off, I saw the scene in the movie where there are two scenarios of a woman waking up to start her day. In one scenario, she wakes up grudgingly, stubs her toe, runs out of toothpaste and proceeds to have a terrible day. The second option that she has is to wake up with a different attitude. She still runs out of toothpaste, but decides to brush her teeth anyway as if nothing has happened.
She then proceeds to have a fantastic day mainly because she had made the conscious decision to make it so.

Today I did just that, I awoke with very explicit intentions to enjoy every single second of today even if I found a stranger's hair in my lunch. And just as the woman in the movie experienced, I had one of the best days that I've had in a long time. Did anything special happen that would classify as extrodinary....not really.
But even as I write this post, I am still all gitty inside from waking up and FEELING GOOD (Feeling so good :).

So my decision is now to make sure that I consciously expect a great day now matter what happens. And as you are reading this post, I ask you to do the same. Try it, and give it all the effort it requires to convince yourself completely that today is the day where nothing will affect my emotional high. Laugh often that day...make others laugh. I tell you that nothing better than being able to commence your day with your very own supply of "I'm here, I'm happy, I'm blessed, let's make it happen!

HTML is swell

Last night I took an HTML course at my local library. This was all part of my new found love of all things internet. I know that I'm a little late, but to me it seems that I'm not late at all, that I'm right on time. If I would have tried to learn HTML a year or two ago, the attempt would probably have failed because the desire to learn it was not there. To me, now is the perfect time.
The class experience was amazing. Every time I typed in a specific code I would see the corresponding results on the web page. I was elated! I had no idea that it would be so easy to learn. It just goes to show you, do not discount anything before trying it. I could have easily looked at the page of HTML tags and talked my way out of it because it appeared difficult. But if I did that, I would not have anything to write about this morning. This experience is like lifting a large rock in your back yard and finding a bunch of insects living under it (but in a good way). What I mean by that is that I feel like I've uncovered a whole new world to things that were going on without me knowing and now I've found it. It is up to me to decide what I will do with it.
So the question is, what is going on around you that you do not know about? Would your life change if you did?


Will you be my affir-mate?

Affirmations are very powerful tools used help change our thought patterns and realities. The problem is that we are usually in the habit of practicing negative affirmations. "I dont want to be fat" or I don't want to fail this class" may sound like good intentions to have but they work to negatively impact your thoughts and results.
The truth is, whatever we say or think, is absorbed by our self conscious mind in a very literal sense. When it receives your intentions it does not reason. It acts as a tireless worker that does excatly what is told in such a literal way that it may sometimes bring about undesired results to the commands given.
Our subconscious works more effectively when we state things in a positve manner without destructive words such as want and don't. If you say you want something, chances are YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU WANT. Especially if the word don't is in the same sentence.
The way to truly direct subconsciuos to receive your desires is by stating what you do want! Do not allow the opportunity for your subconsciuos to find anything ambiguous in your statement to yourself. Instead of "I do not want to be fat", you should say that "the decisions I make about my eating and exercise habits cause me to be healthier every day." The second statement gives your subconsciuous something to work with. You are saying to it "I make healthy decisions." It responds to you by allowing you to make healthier choices and lose the weight.
So today I am asking you to be my affir-mate. I want you to state affirmations aloud or silently everyday, many times a day. Be deliberate in your actions. Be very careful about the words you use. Give you subconscious clear instructions on what to do without injecting words that cause confusion or doubt. You will be surprised on how much more you can accomplish by just saying the right words.


How much longer?

It has been few weeks since I have seriously considered the idea of become a jobless self-sufficient person. Today I went from seriously considering to absolutely determined to leave the job market to explore other avenues. Something happened today at my job that impacted me so dramatically that I could not fathom remaining in such an environment for another thirty years. I've got to much livin' to do. So now what? Now...I work hard...and bust my butt much in the same way that I do at work but I will do it for myself.
I will love myself enough to give me the same amount of energy and dedication (if not more) than I would give to a business entity. The amount of time that I will have to commit to my independence will seem like eternity but once I've arrived, it will seem like only yesterday that I first started. I absolutely can not wait.


Learning is fundamental

I absolutely love learning new things. Lately I have been introduced into a whole new world of website creation and blogging. Up until a few weeks ago, I had absolutely no desire to venture into the unknown world of being an active participant in the virtual marketplace. Now I can not wait to be up and running with my very own website. I am still in the early stages of development but I plan on completing the project within the next couple of months. I think what excites me most is all of the new information that I am learning. It just goes to show that no matter how much you know, there is always something to be learned.

Remember being a kid and getting that rush of excitement when you finally learned to ride a bike or when you good a good grade on a difficult assignment. I feel that rush right now as I'm typing. What about you? What have you learned lately that you became excited about? If you do not have an answer then I suggest you take some time to contemplate your passions and resolve to feed your spirit by learning something new.


New Quest

So now I have a new series of thoughts going through my mind. These are conscious thoughts that flood my brain throughout the day with an intense urgency. As of late I am very consumed by the idea of creating ways to generate additional means of income. I am currently a professional working for a major corporation. I make enough to get by comforatably. But for some reason, I feel that I am not living up to my potential. Not only as far as earnings are concerned but also with regards to my talents.
There is a nagging voice in my mind that will no longer allow me to continue this path much longer. The voice tells me that I must prepare for the day when I finally will live as life was meant to be lived.
I'm speaking of the fact that during the day while working I will sometimes here that voice asking me to explain why I am doing the task at hand. My automatic response is because "its my job." Then my voice asks if you did not have this job, would you be doing these tasks or any thing similar? Are you doing these things because you are fulfilling your purpose?
So now I think....."what would I be doing if I didn't have this job?" "What could I be doing right now?"
I did not answer these questions right away but asking them did open my consciousness up to new possibilities.
I'm still asked the questions several times a day by my "voice" and slowly, but surely, I begin to respond with possibilities.